Warm Welcome

First post of my new blog, here it goes….

Just to give you a brief overview of my life so far: I got married to my wonderful husband this past March and it was what I considered the beginning of my new life so that’s why I will only start from there, no further back. We went to Disney World for our honeymoon because for one, I love Disney and two, my husband had never been to Disney so it was pure magic! We came back and bought our first home together; two floors and right on the water. Now we come to the present.

I named my blog “Journey of a Housewife” for several reasons: I love being a housewife; I love taking special care of my husband; I love to cook; and I simply love life and want to share several aspects of my life with you all. My main focus will be cooking for all of you foodies out there. I can’t wait to share all of my food ideas but to warn you, I have several food restrictions personally for my health and the health of my husband so I use less sugar in recipes and less fat. I cook special things for my husband but for myself, I try to be gluten-free so recipes will vary.

Thank you so much for reading my long story and hope you all enjoy this journey with me!


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