Hi! My name is Cheyenne Holland and thanks for visiting my blog!

I am a housewife, dog mom, and lover of food and wine!

A little about my background: I grew up in a family of medical and law background. I learned to be a paralegal and I went to school for Surgical Technology and specialized in Obstetrics. Worked in that field for a while until I decided it wasn’t what my heart was wanted. So I got recruited by a makeup company and became a makeup artist, I absolutely loved it and worked in that field for a long time until I met my husband.

My husband came into my life and swept me off my feet. He lived a town away so when we got married, I quit my job and moved. The plan was for me to get a job about a year after we got married but we soon realized that might be a little more difficult than we realized. I got really sick. Doctors visits, diet changes, adapting to married life, it was a lot to handle. I have Colitis and IBS with constipation. It got harder and harder to find what worked for me regarding food and I soon realized, most of it was because I never looked at Ingredients in the food I was buying.

Before I was married and worked at the hospital (night shift), I would drink red bull and soda, eat fast food because it was easy, and hardly drink water.  I was constantly stressed out (who wouldn’t be when you delivered babies at night mainly because they were emergency c-sections) and my body couldn’t do it anymore. I used to pass out regularly because of it all.

So looking at things now, I had to change some things. Long story short, I cook three meals a day for my husband and I. I grind my own grain to make bread and pasta, and desserts. Yes, I still eat bread and pasta and deserts but the difference is that its homemade and not processed. I will be the first to admit that life can be busy and sometimes I even buy store bought noodles occasionally, but I buy ones made with organic durum wheat and made in small batches in Italy. I buy grass fed beef and fresh farm eggs and veggies from my local farmers market. So the difference is fresh, homemade, and I don’t buy stuff with preservatives and chemicals in it.

So here we are, we come to this blog and why I started it. After several years of marriage, I realized that I love to cook! Its not a chore for me, I cook delicious and healthy food for my husband and I. I love being a housewife and being a housewife is a job in itself. Being a housewife to me is taking care of my home and food and be supportive to my husband who works very hard. I help him with his jobs if he needs me, I run a side business and then I make my home a comfortable place to be. Period.

To share the food I make and to love living life through food is why I started this blog. I also do some makeup artistry on the side because I still love doing that too.

So now that I’m doing chattering on and on, I hope you enjoy this blog and the reasons why I have it. Be happy, healthy, and eat good food!

xoxoxo ~ Cheyenne



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