Garlic Hummus with Kalamata Olive Spread


Hummus! I LOVE Hummus! I could eat Hummus everyday. The problem with Hummus from the store is if you look at the ingredients in most packaging, there are preservatives among other things that I personally don’t want to ingest into my body.

So finally I have come up with my recipe for homemade Hummus and I only got positive responses from my family and friends! So I am posting this delicious recipe for all of you.


4 garlic cloves

2 cans of chickpeas (organic) or fresh cooked chickpeas

1 tablespoon of salt

1/2 cup of Tahini

2 whole lemons (juiced)

Extra virgin olive oil

Kalamata olive spread (optional)

In a Blender ( I use a Vitamix, I suggest buying one, it is so worth it!) combine all the ingredients and blend until it is thick. Add some olive oil and and stir with a spatula, scraping sides if needed.

Start blending again and slowly add more olive oil until desired consistency. Add Kalamata olive spread or topping of choice….or just eat it plain!




This is me! Hi!

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Well, hello everyone! So, I just want to introduce myself formally with some pictures that my husband took of me in the Wonderful Smokies. As you can see, I love everything vintage and you will probably see that a lot throughout this blog more and more.

I’ve been working furiously to build up my blog, Facebook, and instagram page. Stay tuned for yummy recipes, good laughs, projects, and just some typical life stories about my husband and I.

That is what this blog is about. My husband and I, and the wonderful journey that we go through together. This is us together. Isn’t he handsome?!



Hey guys! I know I don’t have much on my actual site right now but I do post daily on my Instagram account, so if you want to see all the yummy food I eat before the recipe hits the blog then go follow me @journeyofahousewife… won’t be dissapointed!


Honey Siracha Chicken with Sweet Coleslaw

I LOVE coleslaw and I’ve always been obsessed with it. Well, how I came about this recipe is I had a head of cabbage that was about to go bad and I needed to use it. Hmmm, I also had a whole chicken in the freezer that was going to be freezer burnt soon. Cabbage and Chicken…kinda sounds boring. What can I do to add these elements together and make it awesome?

Well, I do have some carrots….OH! I’ll make coleslaw!

But what do I do with the chicken? I thought to myself “I always loved those BBQ pork sandwiches with coleslaw on top so maybe I can just make a BBQ chicken and eat it with coleslaw….sandwich without the bun?” PERFECT!

So I had the idea of a Honey Garlic sauce but I needed some heat so why not a Honey Siracha Sauce with garlic? Ok sounds perfect! So thats how I came up with this recipe, lets get started and I would love to hear your comments!

Items you will need for coleslaw:

1 head of small-medium cabbage
5 medium carrots
1/3 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup mayo
1/2 cup of whole milk
1 tablespoon of melted butter
1 tablespoon on finely chopped onion
1 1/2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
2 1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of pepper

First melt the brown sugar in the milk. Then whisk together the other ingredients besides cabbage and carrots with your melted sugar mixture.

Chop your cabbage into slivers and peel your carrot with a peeler, only peeling the bottom half first then peeling top half to you don’t have huge pieces of carrots.

Add cabbage and carrots into your mixture and coat. Refrigerate and serve it cold.

Items you will need for Honey Siracha chicken:

1 whole chicken – organic – 1/2 cup chicken stock from fresh chicken (see directions)
1 cup of honey
4 tablespoon of soy sauce
1 teaspoon of finely chopped garlic
1//2 teaspoon ginger powder
1 tablespoon of all purpose flour
lemon juice

First, Boil your whole chicken in a pot, fill the pot 3/4 of the way with water. Once the chicken starts to boil, turn it to low heat so it has a soft boil. Cook for 3 hours.

Once you chicken is done, remove chicken from pot and place on a cookie sheet. Now you have fresh chicken stock, take 1/2 cup of chicken stock and set aside. Freeze the rest of that stock, so you don’t have to buy the box stuff…yuck. Save it for later!

Once you removed the stock from your pot, start off by sautéing your garlic, adding honey and soy sauce. Bring to a soft boil. Add 1/2 cup of your chicken stock that you set aside. give a good squeeze of lemon juice and make sure you are whisking this while you add. Add your ginger powder and pepper. With the siracha, really add as much as you want, according to your taste for spicy. I personally add a good 4 tablespoon of it but its all up to you.

Check the consistency of your sauce and add the flour. If its still runny, add more until desired thickness.

Once your whole chicken has cooled, shred it. Remove skin and fat and make sure you get all those small bones out, they can tend to sneak in there if you aren’t careful. Once your chicken is shredded, add your chicken to sauce. I used about 3/4 of my chicken meat and saved the rest for later. I like to make chicken salad, so thats what I used it for.

Once you add your chicken, mix it up good with your sauce and turn the heat up on your pot, stirring often but get that chicken just a little crispy but don’t burn it.

My husband personally wanted his chicken and coleslaw separate (pictured above) and thats one way to serve it. I added a little cilantro and chopped jalepeno on top of his chicken.

I personally plated my food in a bowl. I put the chicken down first, added cilantro then topped it off the my coleslaw, making sure I got a little extra yummy juice to coat my chicken.


Thanks for taking this Journey with a Housewife! ~C


Mexican Style Stuffed Bell Peppers

Do you want these amazing stuffed bell peppers? Of course you do, or else you wouldn’t be looking at them and drooling. LOL! This delicious gluten free meal is a great week night meal and it doesn’t take super long to make. Lets get started!

Ingredients: Bag of at least 6-8 bell peppers (you can make up to 8 with this recipe)
1 can of Organic Traditional Spaghetti sauce
Frozen Bag of organic corn
1 package of organic ground beef
1 can of organic black beans
2 big cloves of garlic (sliced thinly)
1/2 of a large organic onion (chopped)
1 organic tomato (diced)
1 jalepeno (chopped)
1 chili pepper (chopped)
Block of Cheddar cheese (sliced)

Spices:         Black pepper
chili powder
cilantro (fresh is preferred but dried can work)

Remember, I personally use and promote organic ingredients because of all the harsh chemicals they put on produce today and there are so many hormones added to our meat, it makes me sick to even think about it. That is why you see the word ‘organic’ used very often in my ingredients. But unfortunately, not everybody uses organic ingredients for many various reasons. So, if you don’t use organic products, just use the non-organic versions of the ingredients.
Let’s begin cooking!

Grab a medium to large baking dish, use large if making 8. Pour half of the jar of spaghetti sauce into the dish, saving the other half for later. Wash and remove the core of your peppers, placing them side by side in the dish on top of your spaghetti sauce.

In a large pan, cook your ground beef and add all of the rest of your ingredients and spices until fully cooked. Stuff your peppers with your ground beef filling. Add 2-3 slices of cheese on top of the filling. Pour the remaining spaghetti sauce onto peppers.

Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes or until peppers are softened but NOT mushy. Enjoy!

Thanks for taking this Journey of a Housewife! ~ C

Marinated Lamb over Asparagus with a side of Cheesy Quinoa

I know I have posted a recipe for Lamb before, but this one is a little different. Yes, I do love lamb and you can get Lamb shoulder chops decently priced, and I am all for good prices!
Once again, I eat organic meat and the benefits of that is no added hormones or preservatives. You don’t want to keep putting harmful things in your body and if you can find organic meats on sale, then what do you have to lose?

This recipe is: Marinated lamb over asparagus and cheesy (not too cheesy) quinoa

Marinades can be super simple. You don’t have to feel the need to make everything complicated. You don’t need to spend an hour trying to figure out how to make a marinade. Throw some herbs together from your garden that smell good and add some olive oil and lime or lemon juice, add some spices…there you go!!! Simple right? Ok, so lets get to the recipe…
Marinade: 1 gallon bag
good amount of olive oil
3-4 squirts of lemon juice
fresh basil
crushed red pepper
cayenne pepper
fresh rosemary
black pepper

Throw all of your ingredients for your marinade into the 1 gallon bag. Add your lamb and refrigerate for 3 hours. If you don’t have time for 3 hours, then 30 minutes will do but won’t have as much flavor.

15 minutes before you meat is done marinating, grab that asparagus and cut the ends off. throw those onto a baking sheet, drizzling some olive oil, garlic powder, and salt on them. Pop those in the oven at 350 degrees until they are slightly crispy.

When the 3 hours are up for your lamb, throw those bad boys on the grill.

Using your left over marinade, lets put that to use, shall we? Throw that left over marinade into a small pot and cook your Quinoa according to the directions on the bag with it. I like to use chicken stock instead of water for your Quinoa.

Once the meat is grilled, throw that on top of your asparagus, adding your quinoa to the side. slice of couple of pieces of cheese on your Quinoa while it’s hot and let it melt. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for taking this Journey with a Housewife! – C


Baked Lamb with Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Want an easy to make dinner for those busy week days?
I think you’ll really like this one!
Super simple, just pop it in the oven and wait…
1 pack of organic Lamb shoulder chops or lamb loin chops (either are amazing)
1 pack of Brussels sprouts
1/4 of an onion (cut into slices)
extra virgin olive oil
organic all-seasons salt
Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. In a medium-large cast iron pan, add your lamb and drizzle your olive oil over both chops. Then season your lamb with pepper, and all-seasons salt.
Cut up your onion into slices and place on and around lamb. Add your brussels sprouts to your pan, spreading them out. Drizzle some more oil across your sprouts and season them with the pepper and all-seasons salt.
Pop into the oven for 40-45 minutes or until your sprouts look crisp on top.
That simple, right? I love having some simple and delicious meals that everyone can enjoy!
Thanks for taking this journey with a housewife!
~ C

Vegetable Beef Quinoa Stir-fry

Quinoa! I LOVE this stuff! It is a great alternative to rice and it is very filling. So, to talk a little about Quinoa, most people think it’s a grain but if you do your research, its actually a seed. It contains all nine amino acids, wow! In my opinion, you should definitely always have Quinoa in your pantry.

So, here is one of my many recipes containing Quinoa.


1 cup of Quinoa
1 pack of organic beef (cut into strips)
1 pack of asparagus
1 bunch of broccoli
1 pack of mushrooms
1/2 of an onion

Sesame Oil
Soy sauce
Ginger powder

In a large wok or if you don’t have a wok, you can use a large frying pan, place your cut up beef, mushrooms, and onion inside and cook until beef is done and mushrooms are tender. Medium heat.

Next, pour a little soy sauce into your pot and let it simmer. Add the ginger powder, salt and pepper.

Cut up your asparagus into 2 inch pieces and add to wok. Cut up your broccoli and add to wok.

In a separate pot, cook your quinoa according to the specific direction on your package. I personally use Bob’s Red Mill Quinoa.

While you are waiting on your quinoa to cook, add a little sesame oil to your wok and let the broccoli and asparagus steam, putting the lid on.

When your Quinoa is finished, add it to your wok. Put a little more sesame oil and soy sauce in and stir at a medium high heat. Once you stir-fry for a little while, add your siracha and more spices if needed.

Thank you for taking this journey with a housewife!
~ C

1 year Anniversary


I just celebrated my 1st year anniversary. March 22 was the day I married the love of my life. He makes me the happiest woman alive and I would never look back. I’m sure every woman who truly loves their husband can say that no matter trials and tribulations, you stick with your man and he will stick with you. My man has helped me with every health issue, friendship issue, emotional issue, and frankly any issue that comes up, he always talks to me about it. A healthy relationship in my opinion consists of always talking to each other and communicating properly. Don’t assume, don’t over-analyze, and open your ear to what your spouse has to say.

To briefly share how we came to be a couple, I will say these few things. I saw him and my jaw dropped; I was drawn to him; he was drawn to me; we had mutual friends; we became best friends; we fell in love; we got married.

We have recently moved into a bigger house after we sold the house that I came into as a bride. 4 bedrooms, two stories and its on a nice piece of land. We live 5 minutes from the beach, enough said.

My husband makes sure to take care of me by working very hard; he owns his own business and is very successful at it. You all know about me; I am a housewife and I make sure to take care of my hardworking husband.

Marriages are holy. My husband and I make sure to treat it as such.

My name is Cheyenne Holland and I am married to the most wonderful man in the world.

P.S. I have been working on several recipes, so check back with me for some yummy stuff!

Thank you for taking this journey with a housewife.

Homemade Chicken Soup

So, lately everyone I know has been getting the flu and strep throat. My husband and I got strep throat and I had to make soup for a whole month! This soup helped a lot and I want to share this amazing recipe for those cold winter days or those horrible sick days.

Now the power of organic meats and vegetables comes in handy in recipes like this. I am a big user of everything organic! There are so many preservatives and antibiotics in our food, people don’t realize how that affects your body in bad ways so this recipe consists of organic chicken and organic vegetables 🙂

1 whole organic chicken
1 stock of organic celery
1 bag of organic carrots
1 whole clove of garlic
1 whole onion
Seasoning: Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, Salt, Pepper, Cayenne, Turmeric

Put the whole chicken in a pot full of water and set to high heat. Once boiling, set to the lowest heat possible that still allows a soft boil. Boil the chicken for 3 hours (boiling the whole chicken for 3 hours allows for the nutrients from the bone marrow to cook into the soup which is really good for your immune system)

Once the 3 hours are up, remove chicken and debone, putting pieces back into boiling water.

Chop the celery, carrots, garlic, and onion. Add to the soup.

Add all seasoning to taste. Only thing I add more of is turmeric because it is a natural anti-inflammatory.

Let soup boil on medium-high heat for about 30 minutes or until vegetables are tender.

Hope you enjoy!
Thank you for taking a Journey with a Housewife!
~ C